Tweaky Blinders

Sunday, January 19, 2020 Photography

Tweaky Blinders

In 2009, Seaford man Wayne Spring had a minor op on his foot but something went wrong and he caught four different infections. It left him bedridden for two years and close to losing a leg.

Having decided not to give in to his apparent fate, he began fighting his way back to fitness and got his mother to give him a daily lift to the seafront at Seaford. Slowly, after much time and struggle, he began recovering the use of his legs and over time worked his way up to walks through the local countryside.

During these walks, mostly in the mornings and early evenings, he would see the most wonderful sunrises and sunsets and began taking photos with his mobile. Tweaky Blinders was chosen as a brand for his unique and creative photos and Wayne has since gone from strength to strength in both his health and his photography.

Wayne needed a dynamic website which would allow him to display and maintain his extensive collection of local photography online. We provided a database driven, WordPress solution for him and kept the design clean and minimalist in order to let his amazing work do the talking.

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